Friday, September 21, 2007

My, how they grow

Caleb started 1st grade this Fall and is loving it! Especially the school lunch, I hear it's the best. Notice the gaping hole in his mouth-he is missing the bottom two front teeth! I have to admit, Brian and I are terrible "Tooth Fairies"...after the second one fell out, his tooth lay under his pillow for 3 days! I know~ it's awful! He will turn 7 in October!

Zach-man! Turned 5 in March and is now our big Kindergartner. We were scared that we would be riding the school bus to school with him everyday but he SURPRISED us! He gleefully steps up those enormous steps every afternoon!

This is Kalie (our Cali, girl). She turned 4 this July and started preschool this Fall. She loves school and barely looks back when I drop her off *sigh & tear* She also enjoys "mothering" everyone, applying make-up and dead grasshoppers (weird, I know)!

Brian is still going to Argosy for his business degree and is loving school as well. So far, we haven't had any issues with him and the bus either!! He is still the Junior High pastor at our church, Woodridge. He loves working in the lives of kids and his ministry is growing...they just finished renovating the youth room (the Upper Great Room) and it looks amazing! Think Chipotle & Ikea.

I guess I'm just loving the near freedom of having some kids out of the house again. Summer just about killed me with 5 kids at home (my own 3 + 2 day care kids, Noah, who is 4 and his sister Emily, who is 5 months). I could hardly wait for the yellow bus to come on September 4th! I feel like things are getting back to normal, for a change.

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Anonymous said...

the news is interesting, the children are beautiful, just a minnesota girl full of wonder? I wonder how you manage, and pray for you everyday. mom