Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hooray, I finally found some blog fodder

So, it was a beautiful day out (it had rained the previous day/night) and the kids were playing in the backyard while I "sunned" myself. Before I knew it, Kalie and Noah were up on the deck and they were fussing around in the cooler that had been left open during said rain. Wondering what they were doing, I went to inspect. Apparently, while I "sunned" they had collected worms that were still water logged from the rain. Not a couple, mind you. They had one of those kid IKEA cups about 1/3 full of worms. And they were "giving them a bath" in the ice cold water from the dousing the night before. I can imagine their little worm hearts giving their last beat as they were plunged (repeatedly) into the chilly water. Well, at least they were clean worms, didn't need to worry about germs now did I?

Later, after being in and out of the house several times, for lunch and diaper changes and squabbles, (not to mention extreme hand washing after the worm incident), we were back outside. Having just stepped through the door onto the deck and seeing a 3 foot stick laid out on the rail of the porch, two thoughts struck me: 1) Where did the kids get the rope? and 2) How on earth did they wrap it around the stick so nicely?

Upon closer examination I realized it wasn't a rope but worms, quite a few of them I might add, carefully laid out to "dry" (bake???). Sadly, some of them were quite crispy by the time I got there. And I think all of them had gone to the big dirt pit in the sky, if not from the overabundant swimming experience they had just enjoyed but the horrific sun bathing accident. Not a pretty sight but blog fodder nonetheless.


Jeanine said...

Poor little worms. Wasn't there a movie about "fried worms" and how to eat them? Oh yes..."How to Eat Fried Worms." least they did attempt to find out how they tasted! That's a plus!
I enjoy checking your blog daily...note I said DAILY! Keep the entries coming. I'm sure with your kids and the day care kids there is at least a weekly blog entry in there somewhere!

kim said...

Creativity at its best! We can probably get some delicious fried worms in Paris next week! :)!!!!!!