Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ahhhh, Summer!

Today was a fun in the sun kind of day. For the purpose of watering the ever crunchy grass, the sprinklers had been turned on and all children were dressed in their swimming suits. It's a good 84* in Minnesota and the perfect day for causing a sprinkler raucous.

So innocent looking and yet so full of mischief.

Let's get some sun on that boy!

It's always a good idea to remember your rain boots whilst running in the sprinkler! And always bring your Frisbee so you can shield yourself.

Our buddy Logan came to play and ride bikes. We had a Lemonade stand, which soon became the Medical Station due to the perils of biking, it's brutal. But the Raspberry Lemonade abounds and now 5 children are fast asleep at 2:33 in the afternoon.


Jeanine said...

Five children fast asleep at 2:33 in the afternoon? Girl...give me your tips on how to do that! I've been trying desperately hard to exhaust my two and it's not working. Well...let me re-phrase...it's working...they're just not giving in to the exhaustion! Gee...maybe I should send them to your house for an afternoon, up your count to seven, and hope your five will poop out my two (hee hee)! Thanks for sharing photos of your Lemonade and Sprinkler day! We've been doing the sprinkler, too. One hooked up to the top of the slide on the play system and the other to the Slip and Slide at the bottom of the slide (along with another extra piece of heavy-duty plastic. The kids slide a good 30 feet and have a blast!

kim said...

You rock! Great summer fun. Only 2 days left of school here!!!! YAHOO!! We've had the sprinkler out (without rain boots, though) and, although it would be a blast to have a lemonade stand… somehow I think it would get lost in translation. Love to all at your house. Oh, and can we buy some of that lemonade say in 3 weeks????!!!!!!!