Thursday, July 3, 2008

Like my Sig?

SO I found this really cool thingy...turns out it's called a "signature". I have one on my email and thought it would be neat to add it to my bloggy!

I had some time to kill (ie waiting for my blood to stop boiling so I wouldn't beat one of my children silly). I was just sitting here perusing blogs and found a link to a signature place. Fun fun.

My husband if off at an interview (praise God, for the interview, not that he's gone), I was cleaning up dinner and the fighting. O the fighting. I am so tired of the fighting. Those boys just do not know when to stop. So I sent them to their room (maybe that's the problem, too much time together) so I could calm down before I spanked them out of anger. That's when said perusing happened and all the signature stuff and now here I am blogging aimlessly. But they are playing oh-so-nicely in the next room. Maybe I won't need to spank them after all.


kim said...

Way cute! Well, perhaps I should say - way sophisticated, it is beautiful. I think I need one. Maybe I will copy you...a follower I am. And with all the bickering and rough house-gone out of control around this house, I have plenty of time to "cool off" and design one. Hmmmmm perhaps it's in my future, perhaps. You'll be able to gauge how things are tomorrow around the Weed house by whether or not I get one up on my blog. Betting I'll have one by noon! oh, but the boys are at soccer camp (can I give a huge cheer?!) so maybe noon your time. We'll see, we'll see.

Pam said...

Love your siggy... great to catch up with you on your blog too! AAAaaahhh the wonders of modern technology! Telly hubby HI for me. I hope the interview went well.