Monday, October 20, 2008

I pictured us doing lots of fun things on our 10th anniversary...

but this was not one of them. Yes, that's my husband of ten years. And yes, he is breaking into our house.

The story goes something like this. We left our mini van at my mom's house. She was watching the kids and it made sense. I left my keys for her to take the kids in the van wherever they needed to go. We took her Durango because we thought it would be fun to rent a car but the prices for renting a car made us gasp! The Durango was the next best thing.

Friday morning we left for our day of fun. We went to the Walker Art Center, the Sculpture Gardens and to the Stone Arch Bridge. We also visited Mill Ruins Park, the Guthrie (for a tour) and to Pracna on Main (for dinner)! We had an amazing time together. After this past year and Brian finally getting an amazing job, we felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from us and we truly felt like we connected and enjoyed each others company! It really was wonderful! We stopped at Byerly's for dessert...two "Death by Chocolates" and some movies later and we arrived home. As he stepped out of the Durango, it occurred to Brian that he hadn't brought a set of house keys. Although he knew the answer, he asked if I had my keys by any chance. We were locked out of our house. Luckily, the back door of the garage was open and we got a ladder out and borrowed a flashlight from our neighbors, the Elsen's. Prying the window open, pushing the screen into the house and me climbing through the living room window (in a skirt, mind you) was definitely priceless memories in the making!

at the stone arch bridge looking at the mississippi and ruins of an old flour mill

flour mill damaged in 1991 by fire

looking out of the ruins at the stone arch bridge

at the edge of the guthrie "bridge" looking down at the river and SAB

it's not the eiffel tower in the back but i'm sure gold medal flour is "hot" somewhere! well, maybe not.

In honor of 10 years of marriage...10 highlights of the past 10 years

10.when brian asked me to marry him (nov 21, 1997)

9.our honeymoon in duluth (oct 18, 1998)

8.finding out we were expecting #1 & birth of caleb thomas (oct 27, 2000)

7.moving to California (june 1, 2001)

6.finding out we were expecting #2 & birth of Zachariah Joel (march 3, 2002)! expecting #3 in 2 years! and birth of Kalie Raenell (jul 17, 2003)

4.driving cross country from CA to MN (8 months preggo) (june 1, 2003)

3.buying our first home

2.everyday i get to be home with my children!

1.the next ten years


kim said...

Priceless picture of your hubby climbing in the living room window! Way to go, Pastor Brian!
You look two look incredible. 10 Years looks great on you! Way to go!

kim said...

If I could just make sense on these comments...
I mean you two look incredible. Not you look two look incredible! Whatever. You know what I mean, not what I type.

Mari-Ann said...

Great post! Congrats to you two! I may have to bloglift your idea of the "top 10 over the past 10" idea when we hit our 10 year anniversary in 2010! Wow - that was a lot of 10's! :)

Jeanine said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! Made me laugh to see Brian "breaking in" to your own house. Our 10th was eventful, too...I was pregnant with Faith and sick, Sick, SICK! Home health came that afternoon to hook me up to IVs because I was dehydrated. Scott came home on what was a milestone anniversary to find me laying on the couch, hooked up to an IV with the IV pole sitting next to me. "Hey, honey...Happy Anniversary?"
Thanks for a look into your first ten years together!