Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coffee, Green Grass & Smack Down

So it seems as if some people are not too happy with my blog, or lack-there-of. So I have been informed that I need to add something, anything, other than that stupid "Addendum" blog. So Amy and Kim, this is for you, and anyone else who checks daily hoping for a nugget, just some little ole nugget of info.

Here it goes.

No. I can't write about that.

Hmmmmm, not that either.

What that won't work.

Let's see...maybe, I think I have seen this before...5 Things I love for the 5th of March???

Da da da da

5 things I love for the 5th of March

5. When my kids come running after dinner to give me a kiss because their father has said to them "You better kiss your mother good-bye". We have a little tradition after dinner at the Stewart house, it's called "Smack Down". What it entails, well, let me just tell you that recently we had to put a stop to Smack Down because we didn't have health insurance! Now that United Health has us covered, it's on, baby!

4. Even though it gets annoying at times, I love the way my kids fight over who gets to sit by me at dinner or while we snuggle before bed, no assigned seats here, folks.

3. The way Kalie stumbles into the kitchen in the morning and sleepily asks me for coffee (in her teeny tiny San Diego Zoo mug). She's ready for Switzerland, Kim!

2. Good friends, good coffee (Dunkin Donuts) and great conversation. Thanks for always listening girls!

Drum roll please...

And the number one thing I love


just kidding, I really hate snow and I cannot wait to see green grass again...currently not found anywhere in Minnesota due to the ridiculous amounts of snow that have fallen over the past 5 months.

So there you have it. A new blog. And lucky for you, I have two others in the works, just to keep you coming back!!!


kim said...

Yahoo!! I love it! And I love the green grass picture. So springy and bright. Kalie can come to Switzerland anytime and sip the coffee here. She'd fit right in, I'm sure. Can't wait to read your next blog.

Amy said...

Hey girlie! Love it...and yes, I'll be checking your blog frequently, but no more pressure about more entries. You are one busy woman. Love ya!