Monday, March 17, 2008

A Survey

Stuff we really want to know...

1. Why do you have the number of children you have? Well, we have two boys then a girl. (Three kids in 2.5 years). Kalie just seemed like a perfect way to end our family. She is our princess and will always be...if we could have chosen the order of our children, it was always boy, boy, the boys could protect their sister. I'm glad that's the way we were blessed.

2. What do you think about a woman running for President? I think it's history in the making. I know women have done many amazing things over the years. Since we have never had a woman president I question how a woman would make decisions based on facts and not emotions, though. Clinton would not be my choice, for the record.

3. How do you feel about teenagers in today's society and on what authority do you have these feelings? Teenagers are interesting. I know teenagers today are doing things I would have never considered doing when I was that age. I know they get a bad rap at times but I also know (because my husband has been working with Jr Highers and High schoolers for 15 years) that they can be challenged spiritually like no adult can. They have a faith in God that is pure faith. Once we become adults so many things get in the way of our faith.

4. Why do you like the music you do? I love music that makes me want to get up and move. I don't like any artists in particular but I do like songs that make me want to dance or clap my hands or swoop my children into my arms and spin them around! I love it all, country, pop, oldies, rock and the occasional rap song! I love songs that bring me back to another time and place.

5. Do you believe we are a product of our upbringing or do you think we create who we are by our experiences? Why? I think we are both. I think that we are highly influenced by how our parents raised (or didn't raise) us. I also believe that the way we are raised causes us to make certain choices in a certain way. We do forge out on our own from under the shelter of our parents and fumble with choices but I think our upbringing brings us back around.

6. What color shoes do you have on? Just kidding!!! What is your greatest strength? (Don't be humble, be honest.) My greatest strength...when I figure it out, I'll let you know. Any suggestion welcome. :)

7. What are you thoughts on Homeschooling? Why? I think it's great, more power to the mom's who can do it...but it IS NOT for me. I think it produces kids who are wonderful thinkers. On occasion I have seen it produce kids who are socially challenged though.

8. Why do you like your spouse? Come on be specific!!! Brian is an amazing man. He is a hard worker and he is highly motivated to take care of our family. I know that he stands behind all that I do and I know that he will still love me wholly 100 years from now.

9. What are your thoughts on texting (cell phones, not IM)? I love my cell phone and I love texting my husband. I can give him little encouragements throughout the day and/or grocery lists.

10. What kind of car do you want and why? 2008 Ford Mustang GT in Silver, because it's cooler than a minivan. Or a Lexus GX for when I have the kids, ya know.

11. What do you need to be happy, really happy? See #10 hahahaha, just kidding. I think to be happy I really just need to let go of the little things that bother me on a daily basis. I need to give so much over to God to be in control. I find I need to be in control a lot and it just never works out right for me.

12. What memory makes you smile every time you think of it? My babies when they were freshly born, holding them in my arms. And praying in the prayer room (at Crown College) with Brian before our first date.

13. Describe in one word how you feel at this very moment. Cold

14. If you could redo one moment in time what would it be and would it completely change your whole life or just a situation? Well, without going into the details there is a moment I would love to changed that would have made my life very different, but I also know that it has shaped me into the person I am right now.

15. OK, you have done so good so here's the last one...Did you feel like this survey challenged your thoughts a bit? It was hard...I had to really think and I started and restarted it several times!

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