Thursday, July 31, 2008

The girl with too many hobbies ~Part One~

Yes. That's me. For some strange reason, I have this urge to take on hobbies. It's like the urge to change my blog layout, background and profile pictures. For some reason I cannot be happy with one. This month's hobby is apron making.

I have literally been sweating over aprons this week. About 5 months ago I saw this apron on And I just had to have the book she used to make it.

So I bought said book.

I made an apron for Kalie, it was THE cutest thing ever! My friend Amy loved it so much, she asked for one for her daughter, Emma. I also made boy aprons for Zach and her son, Logan. They are adorable. Caleb has yet to get his apron though.

Well, Kalie and I were running errands (no, not to Aaron's. This really confuses Kalie) and we stopped by the fabric store (actually, it was calling my name) and I accidentally found some cute fabric I thought was on sale (that's another story), and bought it. I was planning on this being "my" apron (forgot to mention that I loved the apron book so much, I bought the "mom" version of the book). Since I had enough fabric, I made an adult apron and a kid apron and think I might try to sell them on eBay.

Just add it to the list.
  • Sewing
  • Cake baking/decorating
  • Knitting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photography
  • Card making
  • oooo, don't forget the paper making fiasco of 1998
  • Blogging (Blogger, Myspace & Facebook)
Somehow my amazing husband (and family) put up with my incessant "hobbying". I am sure there are plenty I couldn't even remember to add, dating way back to early childhood years (i.e. bracelet making, cross stitch, calligraphy, drawing). It's not that I look for hobbies. I just see things and I think "I could totally do that". I try it. I like it. Then I blog about it. Then all the "parts" I invested in, get put in a box, until I decide to get rid of them or they come back in style!

Mother Daughter aprons for sale!

Fashionable! Retro!

A must have for the domestic goddess in you!

I really wish I hadn't had that Iced Hazelnut Coffee at 5 p.m. I'm wide awake. Maybe now I have time to finish that scarf I started knitting two years ago!


Jeanine said...

You could so make serious money at your hobbies! The aprons are beautiful! Good job! Can't wait to hear about what hobby you decided on next!

Anonymous said...

Yah!, but not today with 5 daycare kids. You go girl, the Lord Bless you and keep you, and cause His countenance to shine upon your beautiful face. The Lord be gracious unto you and give you His Peace. Your Momma

Pam said...

Damn girl ... where do you find the time??? LOL ... I have all I can do to work and take care of Max. Heck, I hired a housekeeper to come every other week because I can't even keep up with that!

Amy said...

ok, here's the can take up so many hobbies because you are SO SUPER talented!!!!! you always amaze me because whatever you put your mind to, you do it...and do it well. i'm so proud and honored to be your friend. you are the best bekks! we need to connect this week!!!! love ya!

Mari-Ann said...
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Mari-Ann said...

Hi Bekkah (sorry, I can't help it - you'll always be Bekkah to me!) I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had reading through your blog! It's so fun to catch up on what you've been up to. AND you wrote about so many things I love too - crafty hobbies (fellow addict here), God, children and blogging. And you have such a fun style of writing. Now it all comes back to me why we were such good friends in high school! I couldn't believe Aaron when I saw that pic of him in your blog. I remember him when he was just a little pip squeak! :) He was such a bother to us back in the day - remember the time when we had a sleep over and we made homemade pretzels? He wouldn't leave us alone! Fun memories. Good to reconnect with you, old friend!