Thursday, August 28, 2008

Apparently I can make bags too!

Recently, I decided I wanted a bag I could sling across my chest and be "hands free". Something I could just put a check book, phone, keys and a lipstick in when I need to run to Target or the grocery store. So I hit the internet for a free pattern. Internet did not disappoint. I found this really cute, super easy pattern that I could modify for a smaller bag for Kalie.
Amy wanted a bag too. I had some notion a million years ago that I would make my own diaper bag for Kalie and bought a pattern but never used it...until now.
I did find a limit to my craftiness though. Don't ask me to make you an oven mitt. It was a sad experience. I will post pictures later.


Jeanine said...

VERY cool! Wish I could buy one...maybe after Scott finds a new job. Until then...keep're making beautiful products!


kim said...

Oh la la! You've got talent, girl. Too bad it's too late to enter in the State Fair. A blue ribbon it would produce!
So, you shipping to Switzerland? Actually I have a runner (my husband) to MN in october...Perhaps he could pick one up then (and an apron too!) We'll talk fabrics later. love ya friend!