Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The ABC's of 2008

Here are some highlights from 2008, presented in ABC format. If you want to do your own, please post a link in the comments! Enjoy! Idea bloglifted from becca-jo ~thanks for the idea, friend!

A is for anniversary...Brian and I celebrated our 10th! It's amazing to
me that we have been together ten years but it has been worth the ride!

B is for blogging, I love to do it and I love to read the blogs of others' but am always struggling to find the time and the "fodder" for it! Hopefully 2009 will be good for more blogging!

C is for Caleb, our firstborn. He turned 8 in October and loves his second grade class at Delano Elementary school. He is so creative and loves to draw. He also is in Destination Imagination and loving it! We are proud of him!

D is for Daycare. I currently have one full time family (which I have had almost two years) and three families that come one day a week each. I am loving staying home with my kids and contributing to our income. It's a blessing and I love being a blessing to these families.

E is for Etsy. My pathetic storefront. I love shopping on etsy. I could get lost for hours looking at stuff. I tried my hand at selling...not so much...didn't want to make a ton of stuff and have it not sell. I am mostly selling stuff to friends anyway!

F is for Facebook. I have enjoyed connecting with old high school friends, middle school friends, friends from our churches in Menomonie and California and keeping up to date with family!

G is for Grace. As in our new church. We had a bagillion interviews...well, Brian did. But any other job in the world, I wouldn't be interviewing along with my husband! It was an arduous process but in the end we are truly blessed to have been chosen for such a wonderful job. We are excited for what God has in store for our family there.

H is for housekeeping. I hate cleaning the house and have decided that it's pointless anyway. Enough said.

I is for Internet, how would I live without the information highway? This past year we have used it to diagnose many a medical condition, find jobs, stay connected, find new meals for dinner, and find crafts! So basically, it's a sanity saver.

J is for Jones. Edward Jones. A job Brian thought he would like but turned out to loath...a job that showed Brian that God had really called him to a life of serving in the ministry of a church. Jones started the ball of change rolling in the right direction, which we had lost sight of.

K is for Kalie who turned 5 in July and started Kindergarten in the Fall. She is a love and is so kind. And she is helpful and considerate of others...we love her so much!

L is for lessons. The kids are now great swimmers thanks to Uncle Paul Liedl. All of his dedication to helping the kids learn to be comfortable in the water had them jumping into the deep end and swimming across to the other side in no time! Olympics, here they come!

M is for mowing! Brian worked this summer with my parents mowing lawns, landscaping and cleaning up while we were in transition to a new job. We consider it a blessing to have had the opportunity to work for them.

N is for new stove! Hooray! I have never felt so much gladness as the day I started my Christmas cookies and realized Christmas cookies don't need to be burnt nor are they meant to be burnt!

O is for the grass-less spot on my lawn because it housed our pool. Many hours of enjoyment in the sun when there were too many kids to fit in the car for the beach! (get it, the grass is gone in a circle shape-it's a stretch, I know). I enjoyed my time as the Life Guard!

P is for Paris! I was blessed with an amazing trip to Switzerland and France with two of my best friends in the world. It was a time of reflection, adventure and new experiences as we celebrated a mom's night out in style!

Q is for quiet of which I am finding a hard time locating. Occasionally, I am in my car alone and I prefer to not even turn on the radio. I just sit in the silence! It truly is golden and I'm starting to figure out why (it's hard to find and is worth so much).

R is for rally. We could not have made it through this difficult Spring/Summer transition without the prayers, encouragement, and listening ears of our dear friends and our Life Group. We are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives.

S is for sewing, of which I have done a lot this year. Bags, aprons, and pillows & pillowcase dresses, onesies for new babies and blankets too! I was channeling my inner "Rita" (my dad's mom who passed away in 2002) as I sat at her old Singer. There is a story behind it my family will never let me forget, but that's another post ;)

T is for Theater. We took the kids to see "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" at the Children's Theater. We had such an amazing time hanging out with our kids and hope to include trips to the theater more in 2009!

U is for Uncle Aaron. We spent Mother's Day at Aaron's and he gave us all rides through his yard on his motorcycle. He was also on "Diners, Drive-in and Dives" which was so fun to see! It's amazing that when I was little and my mom told me "Someday you're going to love your brother", it actually came true! He is truly an awesome brother and uncle to my children!

V is for Viking Training Camp. We went down to Mankato this year for training camp and the boys got to participate in football camp and Kalie got to participate in cheerleader camp! It was so fun! The kids had a blast and it was another one of those great family times!

W is for waiting. I think we did a lot of waiting this year. In the waiting we found that our God is a mighty and faithful God who really does provide for His children.

X is for x-rays and I'm pretty sure we didn't need any this year! Hooray!

Y is for yawning. In the midst of raising three kids, doing day care, not cleaning the house, church jobs and Master's Degrees, Brian and I are constantly can be so tiring but so thrilling at the same time and yet we are thankful for the things that cause us to yawn.

Z is for Zachariah. My marvelous middle who turned 6 in March and started 1st grade this year. He continues to show us how to live life on the wild side, abandoning the "rules" along the way. He is great with the little kids and selfless in his giving! We are so thankful for a wonderful son!

So, there you have it...


faridah said...

Happy new year 2009 dan salam kenal..

Mari-Ann said...

Well done! All the best to you & yours in 2009!

becca jo said...

fantastic! happy new year lady!

Jeanine said...

Very clever. Not sure I could have come up with 26 things like that for the year. Happy New Year to all of you!

Pam said...

Happy New Year!