Monday, September 15, 2008

For the love of Toad

Critter Keeper...$11.99

10 Crickets...$.90

Cricket Food (to keep the food alive)...$6.99

One happy three-legged toad...priceless


one girl in love with Toad!

A few days ago, Zach came running into the house with his hands clenched around a poor defenseless frog (or so we thought). This frog had only three legs and I'm sure he was missing the fourth as he tried to hop away as fast as he could from little hands. But alas, he was caught and forced to live in a rather small bowl with a few rocks and 1/4 inch water for two days without food. Until I discovered how exciting it was to watch a frog catch live food! (I am not being sarcastic here) Apparently, frogs do not think dead bees from my office are very tasty, how was I supposed to know that?

Determined to find our little frog some sustenance, I hunted around the front door for some bugs...a few ants later and I was on to something. It was incredibly interesting to see him eye an ant and thrash his tongue out to catch it. I watched him do this for an hour (after catching about 20 ants that had gathered around a goldfish cracker under Emily's highchair-but that's another blog!)

Now, I have better things to do with my time than quest for ants so yesterday after church I took the kids to PetSmart to find alternative nourishment for frog. Crickets. Jolly good. Little did I know I was going to have to feed the food I was going to feed the frog. So I had to buy cricket food. Somehow I eeked away from buying a place for them to live as well. I also found out that we had a toad and not a frog (due to the bumpy, brown-ness of his skin. Hello. Frogs are green and smooth).

After returning home, excited to set up a home and feed toad, I made a huge mistake. Handing the bag of crickets to a member of my family. Said member shook the daylights out of the crickets...literally. We'll call it Shaken Cricket Syndrome. Now all but three of my ten crickets were dead. Most likely scared to death. *sigh*

Toad moved into his new residence. He is doing well among the weeds, mud and small dish of water for an occasional dip (toads are drier than frogs and need less water) and ate all three of the live crickets, though due to their large nature, took a few more gulps to get them down. Now I have to buy some more because apparently toads are gluttonous in nature. You learn something new everyday.

Now for a name.


Jeanine said...

Okay...first of are WAY to creative! Next time I see you I will feel like a creative dud in your presence! The dresses are SOOOOOO cute! So are the bags and the aprons. What WILL you think of next?!

Okay...the toad's just too funny. I would never think to take such good care of a toad. Although that's because I don't like toads...or frogs, or snakes or get the picture. Anyway, there is a very special place in Heaven for someone like you who not only nurtures and loves those around her, but also takes on toads, crickets and...well...who knows what else you'll find. Now...still looking for a name? How about "Thrice" to follow along with his "three-leggedness?"

Amy said...

I so need to come over and witness the toad eating!!!

kim said...

Can you video the toad eating and youtube it for your far-away friends?
And the fact that he's living in the weeds is a little disturbing to me...perhaps he could live in the wildflowers? Just a thought, friend, just a thought!

kim said...

PS Kalie is adorable holding the toad. It may her prince careful!