Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Toad vs. Pholcus phalangioides

Because Kim said I should.

Pholcus phalangioides or Daddy Long Legs lived a pleasant and beautiful life that was cut short today as he was eaten alive by a small toad. His friends witnessed him happily spinning a web in the sunny window humming a catchy tune ("whistle while you work", perhaps?) Later they heard a small scream and saw him vanish in a large hand, appendages flailing. One friend even suggested he was taken as some sort of cruel game such as "eaten for entertainment" or "look at the interesting things my frog can do".

"Legs" as he was known around the window, is survived by 30 spiderlings and a loving wife. He will be dearly missed as he was a vital part in the catching of many pests around the window.


kim said...

I must say, he is a rather handsome frog, er toad. And although it was rather cute watching him catch his meal, I couldn't do it repeatedly. No enough action...I need the pursue of the kill, the hiding, stalking, attacking action. But, I must admit it was cute to see him struggle with the legs. Is that wrong that I think that's cute? Therapy, perhaps, is necessary.

Jeanine said...

Okay...TOO funny! I cannot believe...simply cannot believe...that you video-taped your frog...I mean, Toad...eating a Daddy Long Leg and then wrote an obituary for the Daddy Long Leg. You are one crazy, fun-lovin' lady!